IMRF Regional Mass Rescue Operations Workshop - Singapore - August 2015

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The Asia-Pacific Regional Mass Rescue Operations Workshop

The Asia-Pacific Regional Mass Rescue Operations Workshop

On 19th and 20th August 2015 the Asia-Pacific Regional Mass Rescue Operations Workshop was held at the Novotel Hotel Singapore in Singapore, hosted by the Maritime and Ports Authority Singapore (MPA) and organised by the Asia Pacific Regional Centre.

About 36 delegates participated in the MRO Workshop and 58 delegates visited the Simulators. Most delegates were from Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, China, Japan, Mongolia, Norway and The Netherlands.

The IMRF MRO Workshops are interactive events tailor-made to suit regional conditions and requirements. Expert IMRF planners and facilitators work with regional organisations to identify concerns, the stakeholders who should be invited to participate, and the core scenario for the tabletop exercise that forms a major part of the event.

For this event we intend to arrange a 2 hour simulated MRO exercise hosted by Transas at WaveLink Maritime Academy. The objectives were:

o provides an opportunity to focus on mass rescue operations
o brings together the relevant stakeholders in a safe and interactive environment, where open discussion is encouraged
o raises awareness of the challenges commonly experienced in mass rescue operations
o shares mass rescue operations experience from around the world
o helps identify misunderstandings or gaps in the local and regional response planning for further action later by the local stakeholders.


Wednesday - 19th August 2015

On Wednesday, 19th August 2015 the delegates attended the morning session of the 2nd MPA Maritime Safety Forum with 300 other local and international attendees. Mr Andrew Tan, CEO of the MPA welcomed everyone to the Forum and provided the opening address. Professor Richard Lim Chairman of the National Maritime Safety at Sea Council provided the second key note address.

This was followed by presentations on maritime safety matters presentation by Bruce Reid, IMRF, on the Vessel Triage System (presentation attached) and Randel Maestre of McMurdo Group on 'The Evolution of Search and Rescue in the Maritime World”.

In the afternoon the Transas MRO Simulated Exercise at Wavelink took place. The exercise was divided into two half an hour sessions with delegates invited to get involved on their bridge with communication, navigation and helming the ships. The complexity of navigating waters with debris, people and rafts in the water, demonstrated the complexity of these accidents.

The intention of this exercise was not to train, but to demonstrate how multiple simulators can be used to train and prepare people for these large scale incidents. It also provided a water based perspective for many of the delegates, who have office based rather than water-based roles.

The demonstration was performed on two simulated bridges there; 1st is the full mission bridge with 270° used for ship handling and azimuth control for tug and 2nd is a mini bridge with 180° used for VOITH SCHNEIDER tug, twin screw rudder tug.


Thursday - 20th August 2015

On Thursday, 20th August 2015 the MRO Workshop continues.

A simple tabletop exercise was conducted, with mixed working groups considering a mass rescue scenario based on a fictitious cruise ship bound for Singapore from Hong Kong, that gets into difficulty with the incident escalating to requiring an MRO to be implemented.

The exercise advanced in stages. An initial scenario was presented and the working groups considered a number of questions arising from it. The scenario was then advanced to the next stage, with further questions and discussion; and so on.

The exercise aims were to enable, raising awareness of MRO’s, discussion of the participating organisations’ mass rescue response, and to further inform the IMRF project.

The following notes introduce the exercise and each stage of the scenario, and summarise the discussions that resulted.

For reports and presentations, please see below.



The IMRF and APRC would like to thank the following sponsors:

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