4.9 Communications – Priorities, Systems, Structures

4.9 Communications – Priorities, Systems, Structures
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David Jardine-Smith
08 June 2016

Type of Document: Guidance Paper

This paper discusses:
o the meaning of ‘communication’, and the communications problem in an MRO
o the need for good communications before, during and after the MRO
o SAR cooperation plans
o communications planning
 alerting
 interagency communications
 who is involved, what are their information needs, and what are the priorities?
 best use of communications facilities
 long-range communications
 communication of geographic information
o an MRO communications plan structure
o communications during an MRO: implementing the plan, and its limitations
 communications discipline
 the SAR SITREP format
 survivor communications
 public communications
o communications after the MRO

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