IMRF’s Mass Rescue Operations Project – An Update

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The IMRF’s MRO Project continues to develop. Our guidance is being updated, in light of continuing experience, and new items are being added to the supporting online library of information. You can find both at And you can add your own experience there too.

The e-book version of our guidance, Mass Rescue Operations, is now available in a 2nd Edition from the IMRF’s online bookshop: see While the same material may be freely downloaded from our MRO website as individual guidance papers, we make a small charge for the book, to help fund the continuing project. It’s not expensive, though. Why not buy a copy...?

We continue to offer our MRO workshop package too. There are two versions of this. The first is designed for stakeholders at a national or local level, and is intended to help people and organisations who will have to work together on a mass rescue operation to consider the issues they are likely to have to face, and potential solutions to them.

The second version of the workshop is more general, for participants from across a wider region, not necessarily connected with each other operationally. It too is designed to enable consideration of MRO matters in depth. You can download our workshop guide at

Finally, as the year progresses, the IMRF’s project team will be developing an audit process intended to help States and SAR organisations assess their readiness for these most difficult of maritime SAR operations. We’ll keep you posted on progress in LIFE LINE.

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