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The International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue (IAMSAR) Manual is the primary international guidance on setting up and running a SAR service and managing SAR operations. It is essential reading for anyone involved in SAR.

The Manual is revised and republished every three years by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The 2016 edition is now out – and IMRF members can save 20% of its list price by buying from the IMRF online bookshop. Visit now!

The primary purpose of the IAMSAR Manual, says its foreword, "is to assist States in meeting their own SAR needs, and the obligations they accept under the Convention on International Civil Aviation, the International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue, and the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)."Action cards

Its three volumes "provide guidelines for a common aviation and maritime approach to organizing and providing SAR services. States are encouraged to develop and improve their SAR services, co-operate with neighbouring States, and consider their SAR services to be part of a global SAR system.

“Each volume is written with specific SAR system duties in mind, and can be used as a stand-alone document, or, in conjunction with the other two volumes, as a means to attain a full view of the SAR system. Depending on the duties assigned, it may be necessary to hold only one, or two or all three volumes."

Volume I, ‘Organization and Management’, "discusses the global SAR system concept, establishment and improvement of national and regional SAR systems, and co-operation with neighbouring States to provide effective and economical SAR services."

Volume II, ‘Mission Co-ordination’, “assists personnel who plan and co-ordinate SAR operations and exercises.

And Volume III, ‘Mobile Facilities’, "is intended to be carried aboard rescue units, aircraft, and vessels to help with performance of a search, rescue, or on-scene co-ordinator functions, and with aspects of SAR that pertain to their own emergencies."

Also available from the IMRF Bookshop, among many IMO other titles, are the Action Cards associated with IAMSAR Volume III. Have a look at the IMO’s pocket guides to Recovery Techniques and Cold Water Survival, too.

DrowningThere are other very important books in the Bookshop. Drowning: Prevention, Rescue, Treatment is one of these. Its second edition, published in 2014, "will help all those active in the field of drowning prevention, rescue and treatment to further lower the number of victims of drowning" – which is, as the World Health Organization has reported, one of the world’s leading killers: "the third leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide".

Drowning is available at a very significant discount in the IMRF Bookshop, with a further 20% off for IMRF members!

And, as noted elsewhere in this edition of LIFE LINE, the second edition of the IMRF’s e-book, Mass Rescue Operations, is also now available.

Don’t wait: visit today!

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