What Next for the IMRF MRO Project?

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The IMRF's mass rescue operations project has not been just about the Gothenburg conferences, important though they have been in feeding into the other project work. The results of 'G3' will in turn be carefully studied by the project team: especially the 'open space' outcomes, which will tell us what we have missed so far.

However, a lot of other things have been happening in the project, too. Thorough MRO analysis by the inter-national project team has enabled us to draw a number of conclusions which guide our work.

First, it is necessary to prepare for your possible involvement in an MRO. Your normal response capabilities will be inadequate in an MRO, by definition.

If MROs were common, you would hope to be ready for them at any time; but as things are you must think about how to fill that 'capability gap'.

The second conclusion is that good communication is essential to good MRO preparation and response. This means communication before, during and after the MRO itself.

You need to decide who you will be working with in such an event, and plan with them.

That planning must include arranging robust systems for communication during the MRO, and procedures for sharing lessons learned afterward.

A third conclusion is that, although rare in any individual organisation's experience, MROs keep happening, and a good many excellent lessons are there to be learned already.

These conclusions underpin the on-going IMRF project work. As well as conferences like 'G3', we run work-shops designed to bring key players together, nationally or regionally, to consider the MRO challenges and ways of overcoming them.

We report our progress to the IMO and other interested parties. And we are compiling a comprehensive online library of information and guidance.

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