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The Members' Library on the IMRF website contains a great deal of useful information about all our main areas of work.

If you are not sure how to access the Library, see page 12 of the April LIFE LINE – which you can download for free from the Newsletter Archive.

There is already some information and guidance on mass rescue operations (MROs) in the 'Projects' section of the Library.

But, as part of the IMRF's ongoing MRO Project, an international team of experts is compiling a much wider and more complete set of guidance material.

Delegates at the mass rescue conference in Gothenburg will be able to see part of this extended library in action.

The aim is to have the full version online by the time the World Maritime Rescue Congress convenes in June 2015.

The schematic diagram below gives an idea of how the library will work, within the overall project context. Above all the library is intended to be user-friendly.

It will enable users to find specific subjects that they are particularly interested in quickly. It will also provide a simple-to-navigate overview of the MRO subject.

As shown in the diagram, the library content will be divided into five main subject areas: 'Philosophy & Focus'; 'Planning'; 'Resources'; 'Command, Control, Coordination, Communication';
and 'Training, exercises & drills, and learning from experience'.

These main subjects are subdivided into secondary areas, each introduced by general guidance compiled by the IMRF's team of experts.

The diagram below shows the secondary subjects grouped under the main subject areas. All will be interlinked, as indicated by the arrows, to enable the user to pursue subjects easily across the library's structure.

They include complex incident planning, with a discussion of the 'capability gap' and means of filling it; plans and planning, with discussion of the major phases of rescue in the MRO context; 'C4' –command, control and coordination structures, with discussion of the all-important communications priorities and procedures; and guidance on training and the learning process.

Shared information is the third, and most detailed layer of the library.

Some of it will be hosted directly on the IMRF website: most will be accessed by links to its owners' sites.

The main reference document underpinning the IMRF project material is the IMO's International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue (IAMSAR) Manual.

IAMSAR is copyright to the IMO so we cannot link directly to its text, but IAMSAR (and other publications) may be purchased from the IMRF online bookshop, with a 20% discount for IMRF Members: see the IMRF website.

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