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The IMRF has a subject-matter experts group supervising our mass rescue operations project. This includes work on the MRO guidance material which will form the online reference library we are developing for MRO planners and responders. (See LIFE LINE, June 2014, on the IMRF website.) The library will be formally launched at the World Maritime Rescue Congress in June 2015.

Members of the expert group also act as facilitators of the workshops the IMRF provide, to raise awareness and inform discussion of mass rescue issues.

Several group members were delegates at G3 and took the opportunity to meet on the morning after the conference. (The great majority of the group's work is done online.)

The group agreed that the three main parts of the IMRF project – conferences, targeted workshops and the reference library – were progressing well. The need to continue to source and supply relevant material for the library was noted: contributions should be sent to the project manager at

The group also discussed the particular issues of how best to use 'vessels of opportunity' (shipping in the area) in MROs; the On Scene Coordinator role; and the relation-ship between SAR services and the shipping industry, especially the passenger industry.

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